Differences Between Tobacco E-Cigars and Normal Cigars

Smoking of tobacco started several decades ago. Those that were the pioneers of this habit purely relied on the usage of the normal cigars for their inhaling of the components of tobacco. This was due to the limited access to the technology that exists today. For this reason, they embraced the cheapest level of technology to make sure that they enjoyed the smoking. Several decades later, the production of cigars has attracted the use of modern technology which has eventually led to massive production of cigars that are electronic. This has also led to the increased number of the population that is addicted to tobacco use. This is what is commonly known as the e-cigarette.

This article will highlight the basics of the electronic cigar that you need to know so as you can clearly differentiate them from the normal cigars that are common today. Being electronic, you can rest assured that most of its components are electronic in nature. It therefore means that you need to be supplied by the electricity for you to be able to enjoy the services of this device. It has a powerful heating system that is able to boll a special liquid that contains the tobacco components. This heating should be of the highest magnitude for the vaporization to take place within seconds. This makes it possible for the production of vapor that contains nicotine. The following are more other components that differentiate the e-cigarette and the normal ones;

  • heating mechanism
  • battery
  • e-liquid

Heating mechanism

Heating mechanism is vital as far as the vaporization of the tobacco liquid is concerned. Electronic cigars are known to possess the ability to oil the liquid very fast so as there is massive production of vapor that is supposed to be inhaled. As opposed to the normal cigars that purely rely on the use of fire literary, this device is ignited by the charged lithium-ion battery. This battery ought to be recharged regularly for the services to be expected any time. The power from the battery is required in many other components of the device therefore makes it very important.


This is a lithium-ion battery that is meant to carry on all of the operations within the device. It therefore ought to be in the perfect state for it to be able to serve your device well over a long time. You do not need to be disappointed whenever you want to vape just to realize that your e-cigarette does not have sufficient power for operation. You are therefore advised to make sure that it is well-maintained so as you can expect the best services from the gadget.


This is the tobacco in a liquid form. It is extracted from the crashing of tobacco leaves so as the liquid is then blended and stored safe. You can therefore buy whichever brand that you may think appropriate for you. The liquid may reduce in volume due to constant vaporization hence the need to keep on monitoring its volume and refill whenever it is necessary.